Native BMI staking update
Our native BMI staking is being updated to a newer version; because of that, users that have been staking their BMI tokens in the previous staking (before 22.02.2022) need to update their position.
The process of updating the position is simple and can be done by clicking the update button in the "Stake/farm BMI" tab - this will update your position instantly. The button is visible only for users that have not updated their staking position yet and is located in a new block called "BMI Staking Pool (Expired)".
Users might also choose to unstake their BMI instead of updating their position. Unstaking works on standard conditions as before - users must wait 8 days for their unstake request to mature and then unstake their BMI within 48 hours.
To unstake, BMI stakers need to click the unstake button located in the same block as the update button.
Please note that without updating your position, it won't generate revenue anymore, so try to update it as soon as possible to be eligible for gaining BMI rewards.
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